The word “hipster” means different things to different people…

While it originated in the 1940’s Jazz era, it’s now generally associated with millennials who are into artisan foods, super-progressive viewpoints, and preferences for all-things alternative, including lifestyles and music. But even these core hipster values barely scrape the tip of the iceberg. As we explore the hipster style, perhaps we can gain greater insight on these modern day rebels who have such a lack of concern for what you, or anyone else thinks.

  • The Hipster Style
  • The Hipster Guy
  • The Hipster Chick
  • The Modern Hipster Rebel

But who actually cares what the critics think? Let’s face it, if there wasn’t a little bit of controversy surrounding the “assassins of cool”, then they simply wouldn’t be as cool as they are. Hipsters are modern day rebels because they go against the grain. Non-hipsters want to be hipsters simply because of the attractive qualities of a free spirited individual who refuses to conform, follow tradition, or succumb to the customs of every generation before.

Whether you see a hipster rockin’ tight pants and round-framed glasses, or a grunge jacket from the 90s, there’s always going to be someone telling them to fall in line.

Well guess what people, falling in line just isn’t what we do. We’re here to shake things up, live a sweet life, and do epic shit.

Just keep doing you!


Charles J.

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