Avianca Interline Agreement

Avianca Interline Agreement

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As one of the major airlines in Latin America, Avianca has continued to strengthen its position by signing interline agreements with various airlines across the world. An interline agreement is a commercial agreement between two or more airlines that allows them to sell seats on each other`s flights and create a more extensive network of destinations for their passengers.

Avianca has recently signed an interline agreement with Turkish Airlines, Air Canada, and United Airlines, thereby expanding its reach to even more destinations in Europe, Canada, and the United States. This interline agreement enables passengers to book a single ticket that covers their entire journey, even if it involves more than one airline.

The Avianca interline agreement with Turkish Airlines is particularly significant as it opens up new routes to destinations such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, among others. The partnership will also enable Turkish Airlines to connect passengers to various South America destinations serviced by Avianca.

Air Canada`s interline agreement with Avianca offers passengers more choices and greater flexibility when traveling between Canada and South America. The agreement will allow Air Canada to expand its route network to destinations such as Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador, while Avianca can tap into Air Canada`s broad North American network.

The interline agreement between Avianca and United Airlines is a strategic move for both airlines as it will provide a seamless travel experience for passengers traveling between the United States and various South American destinations. United Airlines will tap into Avianca`s extensive network in South America, while Avianca will benefit from the vast reach of United Airlines in North America and beyond.

Avianca`s interline agreements demonstrate the airline`s commitment to catering to the needs of its passengers by providing more travel options to a broader range of destinations. Through these partnerships, Avianca is positioning itself as a leading airline in Latin America and a vital player in the global aviation industry.


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