The Withdrawal Agreement and Residence Card: What You Need to Know

As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, one of the key concerns for citizens of other EU member states living in the UK is their rights to residency and immigration. The UK government has introduced a Withdrawal Agreement that outlines the terms of the UK`s departure from the EU, and provides guidance on how EU citizens living in the UK can secure their residency status. One of the key documents that will be required for this purpose is a residency card.

What is a Residency Card?

A residency card is a document that proves a person`s legal status as a resident of a particular country. For EU citizens living in the UK, this will be the document that proves their right to remain in the UK after Brexit. The UK government has named this document the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) residency card.

Who Needs a Residency Card?

Any EU citizen who is living in the UK on or before December 31, 2020, will need to apply for a residency card to maintain their right to live and work in the UK after Brexit. This includes citizens of the EU member states, as well as citizens of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

How to Apply for a Residency Card

The application process for a residency card will be through the EU Settlement Scheme, which is already open to applications. You can apply online or by post, and you will need to provide evidence of your identity, proof of your residency in the UK, and evidence of your relationship to any family members who are also EU citizens. The government has provided a useful online tool to help you determine what documents you will need to provide, as well as a step-by-step guide to the application process.

What Happens if You Don`t Apply for a Residency Card?

If you are an EU citizen living in the UK and you don`t apply for a residency card, you risk losing your right to live and work in the UK after Brexit. This could lead to deportation or other consequences, so it`s essential to make sure you apply for a residency card before the deadline.

In Conclusion

The Withdrawal Agreement and Residence Card are essential tools for EU citizens living in the UK to secure their residency and immigration status after Brexit. It`s important to follow the guidelines provided by the UK government and apply for your residency card as soon as possible to ensure that your rights are protected. By doing so, you will be able to continue to live and work in the UK, and enjoy all the benefits that come with being an EU citizen.


Charles J.